The Ultimate

Open-World MMORPG

Closed Beta Live
Public Release Coming Soon!

EthScape defines the next generation of crypto-games by blending the incentives of crypto-economics with the nostalgia of classic MMORPGs.

Crypto-Gaming Redefined

Ethscape Tokens

P2E crypto

Tokenized Achievement Rewards

Challenges & Rewards

Become the Master of Your Trade


Unlock New Worlds

Explore vast environments

Custom NFTs

Custom in-game items & NFTs


Mobile App

Discover info, stats & more


Web 3.0 Game

The latest & most secure technologies

Prepare Yourself, Adventure Awaits You In EthScape!

Play with friends

Invite your friends to explore EthScape's world and work together to beat quests

Personal guidance & support

We offer support for anyone new to cryptocurrencies, and a 24/7 knowledgebase for all of your questions

24/7 server availability

Our servers will expand based on the player count and will always have your character and funds available

Inspiring Environment Designs

Our custom-made environments will leave you in awe of the attention to detail

Meet Our Development Team

Antonio Erickson


Master of Minds, Leader of Aura

Jesse Lubber

Multimedia Designer

Master of Art, Leader of Style


Alex Heyndrickx

Lead Game Designer

Master of Passion, Leader of Learning

Phoenix Agency


Master of Movement, Leader of Speech



Community Manager

Master of Engagement, Leader of Improvement





2% dev, 6% marketing, 2% GC



2% dev, 6% marketing


UI Design
Ethscape Scene


EthScape Scene
Ethscape Sword

Fan Submission

Requested Weapon

Dev Notes & fan submissions

Send us your best artwork to be automatically entered into a giveaway prize pool, including Ethereum & NFT drops!

EthScape is a game where you can adventure and discover yourself in terms of expression and interaction. Not only in a loop state of gameplay but interaction with friends & family as well.

There will be endless things you will be able to do for days to weeks to years. Our goal is to make sure the player always feels entertained & cared for. As acting guide for the server, I will put the player at the foremost of what EthScape will be.

EthScape is a fun experience where you can earn passive income for in-game activities. Not only that, but the freedom to build yourself and make your identity in the server truly unique.

Thanks to our revamped style of gameplay, you’ll be able to play with 0 worries of any P2W aspects from other players. 

We promote the idea of earning your title in the server & holding onto what you have.

We also offer you a chance to use IRL currency and our native token for customization sets with everything from item color schemes, to in-game pets. 

We thank you & look forward to seeing you in EthScape.

Ethscape Portal

EthScape Portal

Transport To Other Worlds
Ethscape Scroll

Treasure Hunting

Discover Scrolls & Find Treasures
Ethscape Character

Fully Customizable

Design Your Look


Part 1

WL snap
Release 1st wave of Promotion for EthScape
Amas/CT meets
Interview Veteran OSRS players

Part 2

Beta EthScape release
Starter kit marketing
Start YT campaign
Start reddit campaign
Articles and audits begin


Part 3

Full EthScape release
Formation of sub-servers
In-game community events & giveaways
“The High Tower” Starts
Expansion on marketing platform in-game
Veteran content release
NFT starts formation

Part 4

Full line of common wear NFT’s
VX release for avatar
Community DAO
Game expansion
“The Last Frontier”

Part 5

Interactive shop for in-game items to IRL swaps via 3rd parties
Host community events & meet ups with VXs
Partnership with PC hardware shop to offer veteran players free upgrades to their setup for playing